Steve’s Yacht Repair installs and specializes in Sea-R.O. Marine Watermakers.

Sea-R.O. manufactures a complete series of watermakers to provide the perfect fit for any vessel afloat. Modular designs allow the best and most efficient installations in the limited spaces available on most vessels. Systems feature the best possible electrical efficiency and all systems are vibration isolated to provide the quietest systems possible. Industry standard components insure worldwide parts availability and make Sea-R.O. systems the best value in the industry and the most economical to operate.

Sea-R.O., Inc will provide the very best marine watermaker and water filtration system for your project at a competitive price. We specialize in total system design for island hotels and resorts, residential systems, ships, yachts, and boats making clean water.

Our services and water filtration include everything from the raw water source, whether it be a new well or directly from the open ocean, all the way through to sanitary storage of the product water and water distribution.

We stand behind our products with unequaled technical support, available 7 days a week. If a field technician is needed, we respond. We understand the importance of getting the correct parts to our clients expeditiously. We keep a detailed file and digital photo record of our equipment and client facilities for accuracy.

Our equipment includes a clearly written owners manual that allows anyone with reasonably good mechanical skills to install and operate. Our manuals are written by the same people who design, build, install, and service the machines, not by an engineer! Drawings, diagrams and a laminated quick reference card are all easily understood.

Sea-R.O. Pressure Vessel Membrane-Array
Sea-R.O. High Pressure Pump
Sea-R.O. Feed Pump

It’s time to upgrade your vessel with a high performance watermaker by Sea-R.O. Watermakers.  Give us a call at (360) 333-2079 to find out more!