Steve’s Yacht Repair uses Victron Energy inverters, a leading manufacturer of premium inverter/chargers for marine

Victron inverter /chargers are leading the marine industry today. Victron inverter chargers can be integrated with other Victron products and are made to work with lithium battery systems and are completely programmable to work with other manufacturers battery types.

Victron Inverters are high quality and offer great support and warranty on there products. The GX touch 50 color screen is great for managing your entire power system state of charge, solar panel charging or even tank level on one easy to use screen! The clean sine wave power is safe for computers, stereos, plasma screens and other sensitive devices. If you use a laptop for navigation good clean AC is a must. In charger mode the high power three step charging work really well with your generator to bring your battery banks to a full charge quickly. Victron Automatic generator start / stop is a great addition for your battery management system.

Don’t buy a cheap inverter off the internet and install it your self. I spend a lot of time fixing improperly installed systems. ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) is very specific about the installation of inverters and they should only be installed by an ABYC tech.

Call me, so I can design a complete Victron system for you.